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What better way to keep food cold and fresh than a Chillco dry gel ice pack. with its ease of use and re-usable quality these can last you for many picnics, camping and fishing trips without having to spend as much on ice.

To put it simply, these are pure Sodium Polyacrylate in a powder form filled up in cells made of a non-woven fabric which absorbs up to 300 times their weight in water. With absorption of water these become independent cells of dry ice in a gel form, reaching as cold a temperature as your freezer will freeze to. The cells allow for easy flexibility so you can wrap it up around bottles of beer or line up the ice box completely keeping the contents very cold. There are so many uses to the ice pack and the best feature is that these can be used again and again.

Our ice packs are made right here in Australia with delivery all across the country.  Now no more block ice and puddles of water to make your food soggy. Chillco Coolers dry gel ice packs are the way to go!

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